In 2004, Agnas the mule came into our lives. We went on a trip to the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont on a cold winter day and found her chained in a chicken coop and unable to move at all. We went back the next day to fetch her home and spent a year getting her to trust us. Over the next couple of years, she trained us in "mule speak" and we fell in love with the intelligent, stubborn and irrascible personalities of the long ears.

We now rescue and retrain mules from tiny 34 inch minis to huge mammoth beings. They all have a unique nature that wants to form an unshakable bond with a human. If they learn to trust you, they will go anywher and do anything for you. Once the trust is lost, you will rarely regain it and sometimes any human is suspect. They have taught us the unique training techniques required for mules and just how intelligent they can be.

Mules and donkeys are different from horses and mules are especially unique as they are a mix of the horse and donkey that made them. If you love a long ear, or want to love one, let us know how we can help.

We currently have seven mules on the farm, Agnas, Ty, Florence, Nell, Duffy, Otis and "Grumpy Maggie" who at 34 inches has more attitude than the large guys.

In addition to Mule training, we offer Mule Packing Classes to the USA Army and to the public. Theses classes are offered on demand so call to schedule a slot.

agans looking out of her window



Our mission is to provide equine boarding, training and all equine related services at affordable rates.

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