Friesian Horses

Friesian Horses are an impressive breed. They are always black, as any other color is strictly prohibited. As trimming of Friesian hair is frowned upon, the characteristic long, thick, flowing mane and tail and pronounced fetlock hair can be truly spectacular with some horses having manes that flow to the ground.

The Friesian horse is a very old breed which was inherent to all of western Europe. It's blood lines can be found in most modern horses. The horse holds it head high and proud with an arching neck. The animated gait has been achieved through selective breeding and is truly beautiful, especially in when the horse is in harness. The body is strong and deep with a sloping shoulder. The rear quarters are sloping with a somewhat low-set tail. Registered Friesian stallions must be at least 15.3 hands by the age of four and mares must be at least 14.3 hands. The mares average about 1300 lbs., more for males.

Owning a Friesian is a privilege as they are gentle but spirited companions. They love to work and do well in most disciplines as they are intelligent and willing. The only drawback to Friesian ownership is the hours of hair brushing and many days are "bad hair days."

Breakaway Farm currently owns two Frieisan horses, Silke and Neysa. Our wonderful and majestic Whitney passed away in 2006 and Silke's daughter, Orenthia, passed in 2011

Whitney and one of her five foals


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